Algebra Calculator


Universal Algebra Calculator  v.

The Universal Algebra Calculator is a mathematical program. It performs computations related to general algebraic structures. Main features: - Form direct products. - Create a factor algebra. - Generate a subalgebra in a direct power.

EVAlgebra - Clifford algebra calculator  v.1.27

EVA , symbolic Clifford algebra calculator (geometric algebra) , is an Eigenmath script.


Math Formula Calculator  v.

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Fornux PowerCalc-GX  v.4 2

Fornux PowerCalc-GX is both a powerful scientific calculator and a fast graphing calculator offering college students everything from high precision calculations to quality graphics helping you to resolve any problem easily.

Mathwizard  v.2.5

can do scientific calculations , real and complex matrices , algebra , calculus and plot multiple graphs

Mathomatic for Windows  v.16.0.0

Mathomatic is a free, portable, general-purpose Computer Algebra System (CAS) that can automatically solve, differentiate, simplify, combine, and compare algebraic equations, perform standard, complex number, and polynomial arithmetic, etc.

LP-Calc  v.1 1

LP-Calc is a fully functional scientific calculator program that can be used as an alternative to the Microsoft Calculator program that comes with Microsoft Windows.

LinACalc  v.

Created to ease the complication and tedium of writing linear algebra equations LinACalc not only supports the basic operations you'd expect but also advanced convenience operations. With nearly two dozen matrix,

AnalyticMath  v.1.1.3

This program is a mathematics and graphing software with an editor,

Matrix Calculator

Matrix calculator operations include: transpose, invert, scale, compute determinant and trace, adjoint, multiply, add, and subtract. Matrices can be saved to a text file for future sessions. A delimiter can be specified to separate elements of the matrix

PG Calculator  v.

PG Calculator is a wonderful scientific calculator that simulates a real one. It includes many of the functions included in a real one and can be easily used by anyone who has had experience with real ones.

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